Hey, my name’s Emma.

I’m an Aussie girl living in the beautiful sunshine state. In my free time, I love to draw, play with watercolours, and start books that I never seem to finish. I have more notebooks, sketchpads, and coloured pencils than anyone should healthily possess, but no regrets whatsoever. 

I’ve been drawing people and characters for as long as I can remember – yet every day I’m still learning new things and finding new techniques to explore. I’ve used both digital and traditional media, with a new-found passion for watercolours – though nothing quite compares to being able to draw on the walls as a kid!

Those early days definitely kindled a real love of portraiture, and this is something that I feel lucky to be able to share with other people. For me, a portrait is so much more than a likeness. It’s a moment in time captured forever, a piece of that person, who they are, who they’ve been, or even who they may become. It’s an idea, a possibility, a memory. This is what I love about drawing people  and characters – and it’s this love I hope to share with you. 

Thank you for visiting!